Disinfecting & Deodorizing Services

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Residential and Commercial

Deodorizing & Disinfecting Services

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We've been in the deodorization & disinfecting business for over 8 years and pride ourselves on offering a great service at an unbeatable price!

With the changing times in the world today, we’ve expanded our services to include a disinfecting treatment for your business, home, or auto. We service the entire Phoenix Valley 6 days a week and offer on-call service if a job needs to be done immediately.

Guarantee to get the odor out

  • 1All hard surfaces are wiped down with a solution that dissolves nicotine and other odor related causes
  • 2All carpet, floor mats, trunk, headliner, and cloth seats are treated to remove all smoke, pet smells, and any other mystery smells.
  • 3A live enzyme is applied to all carpet, floor mats, trunk, headliner, and cloth seats that permanently removes the odors.
  • 4The final step is to fog the vehicle and air conditioner/filter with a smell neutralizer that kills all smells.